Why Irvine, California?


CA map showing Orange County and Irvine

Irvine was master planned to be an economic powerhouse and it does not disappoint.  It remains the address of choice for Fortune 500 companies and startups in cutting-edge industry sectors like life sciences, advanced manufacturing, information technology and digitial arts and media. With its well-deserved reputation as "Safest City in America," its strategic location, its ability to attract and retain talent, its high educational attainment, its enviable quality of life and its rich cultural diversity, Irvine's global economy makes an impression here and around the world. 

Irvine Incentives

  • Strategic Location - in the middle of Orange County and Southern California
  • 50% of Orange County's life science companies are located in Irvine and within thirty minutes of the others
  • Cutting edge R&D - University of California, Irvine and fifteen other colleges
  • Innovative start up eco-system and launch pads specializing in medical device and biotechnology
  • Prime logistics:
    • #1 and #2 ports in the United States - Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach
    • Freeway intersections -north/south and east/west freeway access
    • Three airports - John Wayne International, LAX and Long Beach
    • Full range of logistics and supply chain support systems
  • Proximity to Asian market customers
  • Highly educated workforce and attractor of top talent
  • Diversity - Irvine attracts the best and brightest from around the world
  • Quality of life - Safest City in America - 12th consecutive year
  • Cost of business (leasing, goods & services, labor, housing) is at least 50% less than Silicon Valley!

cultural diversity chart

Foreign Direct Investment in Irvine chart


“Irvine became a natural choice for our company. Irvine is the home of the medical device industry and HQ to global successes such as Masimo and Edwards Lifesciences. Being based in Irvine has enabled us to attract some of the brightest talent in our sector to our company. It is a real growth area for young and experienced engineers of all descriptions. In addition, Irvine is home to some of the best med tech manufacturers. Since opening here we have forged great partnerships with a number of companies both in R&D and manufacturing. John Wayne Airport makes commuting to the East Coast straight forward and with easy access to the highways, Irvine is a great place to commute in and out of. Surrounded by Newport Beach and Laguna Beach it is a great place to live, shop and build a life."

- Michael Seres, CEO - 11 Health & Technologies Inc.