IRVINE GATEWAY! Irvine/Orange County Gateway Package

We know that making the decision to expand your business into another country is a big decision.

We know that choosing where in that country to do business is an equally big decision. We want to make that decision easier. We want you to consider being part of the 5th largest economy in the world - California. We want you to consider the opportunities and diversity of Southern California. We want you to benefit from the strength of our economy, the vitality of our life science and technology sectors, and the imagination and determination that fuels our innovation ecosystem.

We want you to consider Irvine/Orange County.

The Greater Irvine Chamber, in collaboration with an impressive network of public and private companies and organizations are ready to offer qualified life science and technology companies a resource-rich package of decision-making incentives and transition benefits.

We want to make it easier for you to choose Irvine/Orange County as your gateway to success. More than 80 experts/companies are available to you. You can count on at least one-two hours of pro bono time to help you with the top-line issues essential to a seamless expansion. Learn through our on-demand Irvine Gateway Experts Webinar Series.



Irvine Gateway Experts Webinar Series

The "Irvine Gateway Experts: OPEN FOR BUSINESS" webinar series is a supplement of the Greater Irvine Chamber's foreign direct investment initiative, Irvine Gateway. This series was developed to introduce foreign direct investors to the Greater Irvine Chamber's Irvine Gateway partners, who are ready and willing to answer the most commonly asked questions when considering expansion to Irvine/Orange County.

View the Series

"I have, in my time, dealt with many chambers of commerce and mayoral efforts to encourage FDI, but nothing compares to the cohesion and alignment of your political, business and social network. Every single individual I met, be it from a company, university, or just a social contact, was genuinely happy to be in Irvine, excited about the City’s future and generous with their time and advice. Then, of course, there is Irvine itself, with its planned green spaces, retail parks, beaches nearby, a symphony orchestra, an active museum... I get that it is safe and replete with good schools, hence a draw for professionals who are at the stage of setting down roots. I get that, compared to the neighbouring cities and the North Bay Area, the relative lower overall cost of housing and commercial real estate is an opportunity to build a business with efficient use of capital.”

Dennis Saw, CEO, Plasticell

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We are prepared to assist you in your exploration and evaluation by arranging:

Temporary office space - complimentary or at a reduced rental rate

Administrative office support services

Affordable, long term stay hotel accommodations


We are prepared to assist you with complimentary customized consultation, assistance and expertise:

Human Resources
Payroll, Benefits, Healthcare

City/County Permits & Processes
Angel & Venture Capital Networks
Talent Attraction & Workforce Development
College & University Connections
Research & Development

Foreign Country Consulate & Trade Introductions
CRO & CMO contacts
Partner & Customer Acquisition Assistance
HUB or Co-Work Options & Commercial Real Estate Assistance


We are prepared to provide you complimentary customized data and reports:

Labor Costs
Competitive Labor/Wage/Salary Reports
California Economic Profile & Forecasts

Irvine/Orange County Economic Profiles
Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Housing & Education

Sector Market Reports
Environmental Regulations
Infrastructure Plans & Investment


We are proud to extend to you the benefits of our Chamber networks and collaborations:

How to Do Business in Southern California
Transitional Family Support
CA Driver’s Licenses Assistance
Multiple Languages/Translation

Life Science and Technology CEO Network
UK Company Support Network
British American Business Council
International-American Chamber Coalition

Industry Sector Support
School, Neighborhood Introductions
Housing Options, Real Estate Assistance


Pepper Russell
Senior Manager, Economic Development

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